Colin Mendelsohn is a tobacco treatment specialist and is the Foundation Chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA). ATHRA’s main objective is to raise awareness and advocate for scientifically proven safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Tammy was a pack a day smoker for 24 years, but has now converted to vaping and hasn’t smoked tobacco in almost a year. Since quitting Tammy’s sleep, mental health and breathing difficulties have all improved.

Malcolm Bodie owns two vape shops and a factory in Sydney. Since converting to nicotine vapes Malcolms breathing has improved, he hasn’t had a cold in six years. Malcolm urges Australian decision makers to look at legalising nicotine vaping. 

Mayan is the owner and founder of Infinity Creations, which creates safe flavours for vapers. Mayan’s critical analysis of scientific literature has shown that vaping is 90-95% less harmful than combustible tobacco smoke.