Media Release: Territory Alliance’s Game Changing Smoke Free Territory Policy Will Save Lives and Support Jobs

6 May, 2020

Wednesday 6 May 2020

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and the Australian Vaping Industry Association (ARVIA) have strongly welcomed Territory Alliance’s 2020 election policy to legalise and regulate nicotine vaping.

ARA Advocacy Manager Brett Chant said the Territory Alliance policy to make vaping and electronic cigarette products legal would be a game-changer and provide the best opportunity to create a Smoke Free Future for the Northern Territory.

“Given the Northern Territory’s unenviable status as having the highest smoking rates and the greatest tobacco related burden of disease of anywhere in Australia, scientifically proven vaping products must be part of any strategy to reduce the devastating impact of smoking in the Top End.

“Globally, we are seeing smoke free products massively disrupt the use of traditional cigarettes, which is driving down smoking rates and saving millions of lives.

“New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, and all 27 European Union member states are examples of places that are embracing smoke free technology and are reaping the benefits.

“Today’s announcement by Territory Alliance provides a circuit-breaker to finally turn around decades of tobacco control policies that have not been as effective as they could be.

“Territory adult smokers who have tried but still can’t quit smoking deserve to have access to life saving, and cheaper, nicotine vaping products.

“The ARA believes that the Territory is arguably one of the best placed jurisdictions in Australia to realise the immense health and economic opportunities that will flow from the adoption of vaping technology.

“There are hundreds of Territory retailers, including over 470 licensed tobacco shops, that are ready and waiting to sell scientifically proven safer alternatives to harmful burnt tobacco.

“With at least 300,000 vapers in Australia and around 50 million vapers around the globe, there is also a burgeoning vape manufacturing and distribution industry just waiting to be developed here in Australia which the Northern Territory is well placed to capitalise on.

“The opportunities for investment and job creation in a truly Australian based vape industry to meet both domestic and international demand for Australian manufactured vape products are virtually unlimited.

“In recent years dozens of Australian vape businesses have invested millions and created hundreds of new jobs in New Zealand, where nicotine vaping product sales are legal, just to meet online demand from Australian vapers.

“Today’s announcement by Territory Alliance to legalise smoke free products and develop a sensible and risk-proportionate regulatorily framework is an example of evidence-based and compassionate policy.

“This is a policy that will undoubtedly save lives and Terry Mills and his Territory Alliance colleagues deserve to be congratulated,” Mr Chant said.

The ARA and our members are committed to working with all candidates and all political parties to legalise vaping and create a Smoke Free Future for the Northern Territory.

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