Who We Represent

Australian Business Owners

Our members are hard working Australian business owners who simply want the Australian Governments to Legalise lifesaving nicotine vaping products. We represent thousands of Australian retailers, who are legally able to sell lethal tobacco products, but are unable to sell safer electronic alternatives that contain nicotine. We also represent hundreds of bricks and mortar and online vape stores that sell vape devices and vape liquids that do not contain nicotine.

Not the Tobacco Industry

We do not represent the makers or manufacturers of vaping devices or vape liquids, and we do not represent the tobacco industry.

3 Million
Australians smoke traditional tobacco products
2 out of 3
will be killed from long term use of combustible tobacco products

Our Aim For Australia

Legalise Lifesaving Nicotine Vaping

The Australian Retail Vaping Industry Association (ARVIA) was established by the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) to fight for a fairer go for vape retailers and to persuade all Australian governments to legalise and regulate lifesaving nicotine vaping products in Australia.
With 21,000 Australians dying every year from a painful traumatic and avoidable smoking related death, we owe it to smokers and their families to make nicotine vaping as accessible as possible.

Peer-reviewed science

Unfortunately, Australian governments deny the international peer-reviewed science that vaping represents the most successful and effective method of tobacco harm reduction around the world.

Australia falls behind other nations

While Australia has historically been a world leader in tobacco harm reduction, we are now a world laggard as nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Korea, Canada, New Zealand and all EU countries have embraced nicotine vaping and witnessed a reduction in their smoking rates.

Tobacco products

Meanwhile in Australia, we have seen barely any fall in smoking rates since 2013 and we know that around 3 million Australians still smoke tobacco products which will kill 2 out of 3 long term users.

Aussie retailers demand smoking alternatives

Australian retailers are now demanding to be a part of the global movement to replace conventional tobacco with healthier and safer nicotine vaping products. ARVIA calls on all Australian governments to legalise and regulate nicotine liquids, vaping products and electronic cigarettes as consumer goods as a priority so we can start saving lives today.